Dear Friends,
                      The attachment is extracted from Deepak Chopra's latest book, Power freedom Grace.It is a must read.
                     It explains how we are all united by the Underlying Field of Intelligence that manifests as the infinite variety of the Universe. The same unified field manifests subjectively as the Mind and objectively as the world of material objects.Our essential being is neither the body nor the mind, but the Source of both.
                       We are actually Body-Mind, and our Mind extends beyond our Body into the whole Universe, as part of that same Unified Field.The Body is made of atoms which, in turn, are made of particles which whirl around at dizzying speeds around huge empty spaces in a Infinite Void. These particles emerge from the Void, collide, engage in their cosmic dances, and go back to the Void.Modern science is authenticating what the ancient Scriptures have long said. We come from the Void, engage in our dramas of living and then merge in the same Void.
                          The sub atomic particles are actually packets of information and energy. These have a Mind because their movements cannot be predicted a priori.Therefore our Body-Mind is actually a pulsating pattern of intelligence. It is a dynamic river of energy and information. Radioactive isotope studies show that the Body replaces 98% of all its atoms in less than a year.
                            These latest studies of modern science proves that there is nothing inevitable about anything.As Intelligent entities, we can create anything. Our common thoughts are the creator of all our realities and experience.We just have to be aware of our interrelatedness with everything and then LIVE that harmony with optimism and pulsating energy.
                      Let us be kinder to ourselves, instead of being bogged down by limiting thoughts.And then await the unfolding of magic in our lives and, indeed, of our common life in this beautiful planet that we inhabit.