Tuesday, October 27, 2009

india isn't poor, just poorly managed

This is the theme of the just launched book by William Bissel. The book is Making India Work and if published by Full Circle.Bissel is the MD of Fab India and he's experimented with the ideas he is now espousing. And the idea is Community Ownership of natural resources. In his own company he has given shareholding rights to the artisans supplying goods.
In my view, what Bissel is advocating might hold the key to the survival of the human species in this beautiful planet earth.Since antiquity the most powerful people have gotten together and created rules, structures and armies to suppress their own peoples.Thus a small coterie has always lorded over the natural resources which rightfully belong to everybody.
There is ONE idea which is the root behind the suppression of the majority. And this idea is "US" and "THEM." When there is a group which is not "us", then we are completely justified in using all strategies to maintain our hegemony.In the modern context, religion and the mass media align with the govts and the big corporations to rob the populace to feed the tiny megalomaniacs with all the material wealth and the ensuing political power.
Either the vast majority(99.99%) of us change the rules of discourse or consign ourselves to permanent serfdom.I would say this is not even a choice. There's only ONE way ahead.And this is to use all the power at our command to understand that there is no "them". Everyone is "us". Therefore all of us are equally entitled to a share of the natural resorces given to us by Mother Earth.After all, all of us own our Mother equally, don't we?
Friends, it's not just India.The whole world is poorly managed. And it's about time we did something about it.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

consecrate the god within

Yes, that's the job at hand.Unless we know and understand our grandeur, the social program, that works in this world to glorify a tiny elite at the expense of the rest 99.99% of us, will ensure that all of us lead lives of permanent servitude.
But once we begin discovering our grandeur, the secrets of Life and Existence locked up in the 90% of the subconscious brain that we are not CONSCIOUS of, we'll be able to create An Equal Life and an equal world for all of us.
The process is to remember this Presence, the Life Force, with all the heart and soul, strength and mind at our command and to keep this Entity ever in the forefront of our consciousness. Consecrate it and be grateful for all the good things in your life. And what can be better than the fact that we can feel this breath pulsating in us this very moment.Consecrate this moment,seize the moment, be grateful in this moment, and you have begun the process of creating your eternal grandeur.
We have to constantly tell ourselves that we ARE in complete abundance, joy and harmony every living moment of our lives.Don'y try to intellectualize how your most fantastic dreams will come to fruition. Leave it to that MIGHTY Presence. Remember that it's the same essence and power that turns the food you eat to blood. Whatever you desire is chickenfeed for it. Remember that it's the same essence and power that keeps the planets and galaxies in most beateous celestial dance.Just let it know your desire,affirm it with the power of the God within you,and let that power get to work.
Start being HUMBLE and acknowledge the possibility that a great UNKNOWN is waiting to be known and you'll turn all stone and knock all doors to KNOW it.
So be it, my Lord.

Friday, October 23, 2009

honour and love the jewel that you are

Yes, that's true.Unfortunately, there's a program which ensures our permanent downfall and that program lies embedded in our social consciousness. Our religion tells us we are sinners and brain washes us with absurd ideas of heaven and hell.The problem is that all the acts that we normally do as human entities are meant to be taking us to hell.
Our govt's and the big corporations operate in such a way so that we have a permanent Damocle's sword hanging over our necks.Unless we become their sidekicks, intelluctually dishonest to the core, we run the risk of losing our means of livelihood.
Then there's the mass media.It makes us believe that unless we have won an Olympic gold or a Nobel,or possess a movie star's good looks, or at least are able to fly first class, we are permanent losers and wasting our time on this planet.
In the face of such relentless propoganda and ruthless action, is it any wonder how many of us run the risk of losing our bearings.Infact, a monumental work running to 70 years,the Grant Study Project, about 268 Harvard graduates found that the majority of them had come to grief over these years. If this can happen to the best and the brightest among us, then there is something seriously wrong in how our societies are organized, and NOT with us.
Pl don't forget that we human entities are inherently so brilliant that OUR brain, the most complex supercomputer ever built, turns the food we eat into blood and runs this awesome machine called the body.As the poet Nazrul Islam had said, "है हमारी हस्ती ऐसी की मिट थी नही "
Pl examine this seriously. Honour and love the jewel that you are. And I don't mean the jealous, competitive and hysterical altered ego, but that power in is that runs our so complex bodies. Then we might begin to break the stranglehold of the vicious social program.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

challenge yourself

This blog will challenge you with alternative ways of thinking.Over a period of time we get sucked into set behaviour patterns.The reason we don't come out of it is that this pattern is too convenient for us. We have got too used not to challenge ourselves to anything.Over a period of time the excitement goes out of our lives. There is no twinkle in the eyes or a spring in the steps.
I have come to know that Life,this Existence is too big for us to be so jaded.Only we are too lazy,even weak, to embark on a journey of exploration.The aim of this blog is to fire in us that adventurer's streak.If it kindles in you a little strength, a little belief in yourself,it's purpose is served.