Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Har Har(each one a )Mahadev: A Confident Open Mindedness as Key to Success

Dear Friends,

Some of you may like to read this article by Amish Tripathy in the 31st Oct Outlook magazine.Amish, incidentally,is the author of The Shiva Trilogy(third part still awaited).I have liked it immensely as it treats Shiva,not as a God, but as an outstanding leader of men.It was a revelation to me that Har Har Mahadev was actually Shiva's battle cry.He's telling his men that each one of you is a Mahadev, not just me,as most mistakenly believe.This chimed well with my own knowingness(not belief)of Aham Brahmasmi, which I learnt from the Great Masters of antiquity.

In this story Amish writes that India was the centre of the world,very much as the USA has been since WW2. (And China promises to be if the USA continues to terrorize the world with its crass militarism.)This was because India was open, tolerant and open-minded.This enabled us to adopt scientific temper effortlessly and this country had a very ancient tradition of sea-farers and traders.Throughout most of recorded history,India was the richest country of the world, contributing at least 25% of the global GDP.

But this changed in the last 300 years.Its not true to say that the British destroyed us.We destroyed ourselves because we forgot our core culture.That of Confident Open Mindedness.There arose two close minded classes.The India Rejecters and the India Glorifiers.The first includes those who saw nothing good in our culture and tradition.The second includes those who saw nothing good in the Western influence.Both are dangerous for being close minded,and it destroyed our spirit and our prosperity.Indeed,you can't have one without the other.

Amish believes that the youth of today are products of the internet revolution and globalization.Information is once again free.The insecure elites will,of course,place hurdles.But who can stop the march of Idea whose time has come!

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