Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Female Beauty as a Weapon Against Women's Empowerment

Dear Friends,
                     Today, on Women's Day, I want to draw your attention to this strange paradox.This phenomenon has been understood by many feminists. In 1991, Naomi Wolf, the perceptive American writer, wrote the book, The Beauty Myth.By this time, American women had suffered a decade long plague of eating disorders thanks to the job requirement, none for the male employees, of looking beautiful and youthful.
                  The beauty myth is that there is an objective and universal quality of beauty,imperative for women but not for men.And it is a myth. But when women fall prey to such lies, they become tools in the hands of  vested interests telling them what to do,and what not to do.The horrific effects of this beauty propaganda is for all to see.The cosmetic surgery and beauty industry use fake science to sell pricey and useless products.The weight control cult has ballooned,affecting the growth of impressionable young girls.
                        Its time our women understood that there's a flourishing industry to keep them ignorant and frivolous so that they don't compete for the highest paying jobs, still dominated by men.It is for our young girls to firmly understand that they must go all out to develop themselves so as to build a wholesome generation rather than to be dedicated to their own beauty or to idle pleasures.
                          This battle remains to be fought. And this day let us remind ourselves of this responsibility, and the exhilarating possibilities that might open if half of the human race understand the sinister male propaganda against them.
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