Wednesday, October 21, 2009

challenge yourself

This blog will challenge you with alternative ways of thinking.Over a period of time we get sucked into set behaviour patterns.The reason we don't come out of it is that this pattern is too convenient for us. We have got too used not to challenge ourselves to anything.Over a period of time the excitement goes out of our lives. There is no twinkle in the eyes or a spring in the steps.
I have come to know that Life,this Existence is too big for us to be so jaded.Only we are too lazy,even weak, to embark on a journey of exploration.The aim of this blog is to fire in us that adventurer's streak.If it kindles in you a little strength, a little belief in yourself,it's purpose is served.


  1. It is good Avinash that you have started this.

  2. Lucid thought, lucid style, therefore meaning clearly conveyed. About time, Avinash.

  3. Thanks, Brian. I thought so too.In this Internet age,we should travel with the speed of thought.


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