Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stop Dying, Start Living Every Moment

Fw: Thank You God
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From: Brian Fernandez
To: brianowhere
Sent: Wed, September 8, 2010 6:35:33 PM
Subject: Thank You God

I say to all my loved ones, Count your blessings and get on with thy life. You have much more than many less endowed folks. Don't take anything for granted and as your birthright. Stop cribbing and making everyone around you more dispirited. Now smile and get a move on.

Thank you Brian, this is stupendous.Life is such an awesome blessing.Life will pass in but a twinkling of the eye.And it's juvenile to keep cribbing. Have we ever lived actually!!!.If we worry,feel tense and are insecure of our futures,get mad at people for not meeting our expectations, we are dead actually.

Look at nature. The air and water only know flowing, the tree only gives shade and fruits,the birds sing so melodiously at dawn and dusk.What do they expect of us in return?They just ARE, and in their BEING they fill our lives with happiness. Similarly, us humans are the EPIC of creation. But we don't understand our grandeur, and that's how we condemn ourselves to such a wasted life,cribbing and in sleep-walkingness.Such a waste of Consciousness and Life.

Thank You God

"You are the sky. Everything else – it's just the weather." Pema Chodron

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