Saturday, October 23, 2010

Grandeur is just a thought away

Grandeur is just a Thought Away
avinash sahay
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Dear Annir di,
You have gone through some very trying times and,like in the case of Maya and Bhaiya too,I have been completely unaware of your plight. Had you talked to me,perhaps, your burden would have been lighter.
I wish all of you could share my vision of grandeur.Ninety per cent of the world is deprived of the life that the rest,people like us,have got used to and take for granted. CK Prahlad, the great management thinker, famously said that there is a fortune to be made at the bottom of the pyramid(BOP).I completely agree with him. For this we have to reestablish our links with the countryside and mofussil India.
Fortunately for us we have about 40 acres of landed property.We can relocate and create our base there, create prosperity and be co sharers in that prosperity. Tuntun is already selling ten tempos a month and he says he can sell twenty if he has the capital.Sanjay, in Raipur and Indore, is selling 2crores of paints. He says he can sell 5 crores if he has the capital. Aparajita's beautician in Chennai does not have the capital to invest for a small biryani and kabab centre in Chennai for which there is a huge pent up demand.
I would urge you to read the book called Stay Hungry Stay Foolish. It's the story of 20 entrepreneurs who had the courage to pursue their dreams and made it big.For those who will give quality and good service,it's my conviction that all doors will open for them.
We may be unhappy because we aren't working for ourselves.It's a mediocre life to remain at somebody's beck and call.Opportunities lurk in every nook and corner.We have lost the courage to believe that we are up to the task.
I urge all of you to think afresh and think big.Annie di, we write our destiny by each thought we think in every single breath.We just have to awaken that awesome entity that is just a thought away.I must also mention that there is nothing outside India that we can't create here that is relevant for our people.After all, it's completely unnecessary to become copy-cats.
All love,

Best regards,

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