Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hold on to the Centre

These are times of changes, very fast and,sometimes, cataclysmic. In moments such as these, one is wont to be off balance.The old certainties, the easy pace, the measured life is gone. People run with no idea of where they are headed. This kind of a life can be very disconcerting.
However the message from the Masters is not to fall prey to naysayers and the doomsdayers. Our earth is organically connected to the whole of Cosmos-Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam. So we are bound to receive the vibrations of varying frequencies from all over.We would have experienced sense of panic and doom at various times.Body and muscular spasms, depression, even a sense of paranoia.
The trick to take care of yourself in moments as these is to stay in the "centre", in the "middle" as it were. We must understand that our brain is the finest and the most complex supercomputer ever made, and it somehow "knows" how to take care of us.But we must hold on firmly to this knowledge and live in love and hope.The negative forces are playing out their last drama.Our mother earth is indeed our mother and will protect us, it is an organic being not a mechanical bathtub about to overflow due to incessant warming.
The times are, indeed, difficult. But if each one of us can be in the "centre", with love, compassion and hope, and live FULLY in this moment to the best of our ability, we would have begun the process of vanquishing the forces of darkness and of separation.

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