Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Life is about Achieving your Dreams and Going Beyond Them

Yes, my friends. The moment we achieve our dreams,they lose our hold on us and we efforlessly move towards other desires and goals.This goes on and after we have achieved all our goals we just live in a state of being.You would also have noticed that a person with steadfast determination and focus is more likely to achieve his dreams quickly than a fickle minded guy.
This phenomenon can be understood by the fact that we may appear to be the body. But this is only in the conscious state at a frequency of 8.3 Hz. At higher frequencies, as in the unconscious state,our consciousness, the essence of who we are, is, infact, in a quantum, subatomic state. In this state we are ONE with the whole of cosmos, the powers of which are unconditionally available to us at all times. Remember this is the same power which runs the billions of cells in our brain, and which keeps the galaxies so harmoniously in their orbits.
Therefore this Ocean of Consciousness that we are immediately at one with is our commom inheritance. And everything in the world that we inhabit is derived from this Ocean.The Observer in us collapses the probability quantum waves of thought energy, through consistent focus and determination, into particle realities.This is a simple phenomean of nature, and has nothing do do with morality. The Universe and it's laws are, infact, completely amoral.
The neocortex, the logical brain, is the imaging machine and the lower cerebellum houses the subconscious brain, the 90% of the brain that we don't consciously use. This is the God, the Observer in us and our common thoughts are projected on our thinking brain every moment. Therefore we have to be alert about the nature of our thoughts as the Observer will bring these to fruition whatever it may be as the Observer is completely devoid of value judgements.
It is through meditation and constant mindfulness that we move from the thinking to a BEING state which inheres in itself infinite(impossible is nothing) possibilities.Therefore instead of being buffeted and claimed by the society, we just have to reclaim ourselves for a grander life which is way beyond what money can buy.

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