Saturday, June 5, 2010

Non Thinking Brain is the Key

Subject: [IT-BHU-BatchOf1982 ] Cancer attacks even the Super Healthy

I just read a news report that Martina Navratilova, nine times Wimbledon champion, has breast cancer. She is totally puzzled with this affliction. She eats healthily and, at the age of 53,has an exercise regimen that would put most people half her age to shame.She's never smoked and rarely drinks.
At this point, I think, we should take a deep breath and question the established wisdom. Proper diet and exercises are necessary but apparently not enough for our protection.The body is not an independent entity, but is a product of our beliefs, attitudes and opinions.And these come from the established social consciousness, the political, social,economic
view of the dominant groups which is propagated through the popular media, the education system, the religious bodies and ,very subtle but equally pernicious, the theories propogated by the scientific establishment. It has been well documented that most of the activity that is undertaken as unassailable "science" is , infact, driven,and paid for, by commercial interests.Most of this "establishment science"is also a prisoner of the Newtonian-Cartesian paradigm which was first broadened by Einstein's relativity principle and is now further broadened and refined by the principles of quantum mechanics.This gives primacy to the theory of the Observer whose very act of observation and focus changes the whole paradigm of which he is an integral part.
To cut the story short, before you hit the delete button, everything that happens to us depends on our beliefs.And we have been shortchanged by the totally limiting beliefs of the ruling establishment which make us feel small.We are seldom told that we are, infact, sovereign creatures with full control of our destinies.Plus we have a very unfair system which, instead of empowering the multitude,consigns them to povery, hunger and disease and has given to us a very competitive, dog eat dog,paradigm which is totally unnecessary.
And this happens because we have surrendered our sovereignty to our govts and the dominant groups and have forgotten to discover our real Selves.We are hapless prisoners of the thinking mind and are ignorant of the sleeping giant, the 90% non thinking part of the brain, which can change everything where all of us will matter rather than a handful as of now.

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