Saturday, June 5, 2010

Shining India or Starving India

Message from Sender:
This article by Ms Vandana Shiva very lucidly shows how the so called Green Revolution was neither "green" nor a "revolution". Infact it degraded the land and caused massive unrest. Similarly 2 lac farmers have committed suicide since 1997 when the GM Bt cotton came to be used.And now we have the Operation Greenhunt which,in the name of fighting Maoist terror,actually seems cleverly planned to expropriate the tribals of their land and hand these over to the mining czars. The situation is grim and unless the collective protests,we might well be signing our death warrants, and that of our children, for the short sighted and illusory gains of the bucaneer capitalists and their collaborators.
Interpreting the colour green

Ecologists like me are called “greens”. We work to protect the green mantle of the earth — forests and biodiversity, soil and water. Nature’s green capital is the real capital that supports all life, and in the final analysis all livelihoods and the entire economy. However, the colour green has been much abused and used for anti-green, anti-nature, anti-people programmes.
The first abus
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