Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mass Hypnosis is at Work

Fw: Beware of the Mass Hypnosis at Work

Dear Friends,
It's high time we are alerted by this mass hypnosis which programs us into emasculation every single moment.Our socialization machinery(parents,teachers,mass media),our religious,political,.scientific,intellectual leaders are all responsible for reducing us to weaklings and supplicants.
And we are blissfully unaware because there is no training of turning inwards and knowing exactly who we are.Once we start aligning ourselves, be in magnetic resonance,with this God within we'll understand our true power.Sex, money,power,intellect are all very beautiful things,infact part of that same God-ness,but they have to be in harmony with this awesome lover which is with us in every single breath.We'll then understand that we are,infact,timeless and ageless.And, then, we'll fear nothing and embrace Life in it's Issness and Ongoingness.
We owe to ourselves this grandeur. Just know that whenever we are struck with a negative emotion,the mass hypnosis is at work,and then bring ourselves back in God's womb. Just close your eyes for a few minutes,and reprogram yourself into brilliance,into God.

Best regards,

" Not only has your brain been programmed, your mind and soul have both been subjected to mass hypnosis from parents, relatives, friends, radio, television, newspapers and magazines. Just the belief in death is enough to kill you, even without accident or disease. "

Thanks & Regard

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