Thursday, November 4, 2010

Islam Hijacked by Status Quo

Fw: Culture or Criminality

Those more interested in the subject will do well to read the works of Asghar Ali Engineer, in particular the book entitled, Qur'an,Women and Modern Society. This book will make clear how secular and progressive Islam actually is contrary to it's practise which has been completely hijacked by retrogade elements,not only of Islam but of all religions,who are bent upon preserving the status quo which dehumanises not only it's women,but also 90% of the human race.
We must respect all religions because all religions are meant to essentially help us live in peace and brotherhood and in seeking the truth.Alas, the practise is in stark contrast to theory.But, in the final analysis, it all boils down to us. If we are smart and knowledgable,we'll easily resist the dark ideology of the tyrants and live in bliss , harmony and prosperity for all.

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This article advocates the tremendous benefit that can accrue to society if women were to find their voice in the running of the affairs of the society. Religion and politics have been traditionally misused by men to retain their stronghold over power.It's high time the dispossessed and the oppressed come together in a communitarian spirit to demand a life of dignity, so far denied to them.
To the women of Afghanistan

Women of Afghanistan, it is time to go to the barricades. Now is the hour to claim your rights. Negotiations are under way in earnest; the Taliban are at the table, so are the warlords and bandits, tribal elders and the President. There’s not a woman in sight. Yet everyone knows you are the ones who can yank Afghanistan into the 21st century.
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