Sunday, November 14, 2010

Keeping the Rabble Away from Decision Making

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You may check out this interview of Noam Chomsky published in the Outlook magazine of 1st Nov.Prof Chomsky,a sprightly 82 year old Professor of Linguistics at MIT is, in my view, the greatest public intellectual after Karl Marx.In this article he exposes how the elites use the mass media to MANUFACTURE CONSENT and thereby keep the RABBLE(read gullible public such as us)away from the decision making processes.
It's time we understood that the public at large is never safe in the hands of big governments and big corporations. These assiduously feed the megalomania of the elites in being a superpower either past(Britain), present(USA) or in waiting(China, India).Big govts will always be the perfect vehicle for the insecure power elites- military and the corporations.And we need to beware of their militaristic and superpowery numbo-jumbo. Any kind of dispute is grist to their mill and the right thinking people in both India and China need to guard against repeating the cold war of the 20th century.
If we wake up and organize ourselves in smaller city states(like in the ancient times) or like the Scandivanian countries of today, we can have more participative and responsive polity.In the interregnum we have to be vigilant, active and learn to cooperate with each other for the common good.

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