Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Corporatist Racket that Emasculates the Majority

I don't think Arundhati Roy is against capitalism per se. She is only against the excesses of a buccaneer, crony capitalism which has pauperized the majority for the unbridled greed of less than 1% of the population.I completely agree that there is no better system than capitalism and democracy. But this whole edifice is premised on the equal opportunities for all which has not happened so far,even after 200 years. And this is because the better endowed will always find ways to subvert the system for their narrow, partisan gains.Some discerning commentrators have concluded that the so called free market is a "corporatist racket of the few";it is free only for the rich,who can move their money around at will, the bankers,business tycoons who exploit lax regulation and offshore tax havens and the unholy nexus of politicians and corporates that plunder national resources to the emasculation of the populace at large.
And till this tap of corrupt policies remain open, we can never mop the floor dry to usher in a corrupt free society premised on equal opportunities for all.

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