Thursday, September 1, 2011

Knowledge Begins in Loving Ourselves

I came to write a mail .But what I essentially wanted to say is beautifully said by Osho in this mail.
See, we are completely done in by social consciousness where everyone looks alike, thinks alike, that herd mentality.And the delicious irony is that this is a MANUFACTURED consciousness.This is manufactured by the powers that be,the religious,political and business elites,so as to subjugate the populace to a manageable herd.Had we really known who we are,we would really be ungovernable because,then, there wouldn't be any need to govern us.
And it is never too late in the day to redeem ourselves and reclaim our lost grandeur and our beauty. And the point to start is to love oneself,to trust oneself.To implicitly know,as a beginning hypothesis,that there is no power, no beauty,no sacredness greater than the One right within us.And,slowly, as we begin to know our real Self, we are struck with the Awesomeness of its Mighty Presence.
And then the real magic begins.We realize that what we are, everyone else is.Although they may be expressing the same Self in myriad ways, the essential Oneness is never lost.And then we begin, not to compete but to cooperate, not only to accumulate but also to share, not to war but love and be in harmony,not only with humankind but with the Existence in general.For who will be so brave to say that the flora and the fauna,the mountains and the rivers,though they may not speak in words,are not as much filled with Life as we are.
My dear brother, if you think that we have seen enough of prosperity and abundance then rest assured that the knowledge that will come from beginning to love yourself,will completely sweep you off your feet and you will bless yourself for Actually Living for the first time.
So take the first step with confidence.Existence loves us.We matter,no matter what the Herd consciousness may tell us.We are very precious to Existence because in our flowering we give a tremendous fillip to Existence,to all of Life.The life, and this body, that is given to us is so precious. Let us protect and empower it with all our might.

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