I completely agree that a very tiny number of plutocrats rule the world. But they do so more by default than by design.They act with utter disdain for the populace because their is hardly any challenge to their authority.
                  There are two reasons for this. One, the middle class,particularly, is a prisoner of its ego and its intellect.There are brilliant people everywhere.But the more the brilliance, the more the stranglehold of the ego.We are just unable to synergize our resources for the common good.At the first opportunity,we'll find ways to find faults with each other.
                   Whereas the fact is that there are more things that unite us than divide.Sustained by the same air, and nourished by the same food and water.The nuclear radiation is not going to discriminate on the basis of our nationality,religion or the colours of our skin.
               So we really have to train ourselves to go beyond our personal idiosyncracies and work to secure decency for everyone. But here, again,our obsession with "getting ahead" and "showing off" stumps us.Our psyche has been poisoned by the virus of power, status and consumerism.After 70-80 years of active life,we hit the dust.So whom are we accumulating for. If we have imparted the right values to our children, they'll take care of themselves, jolly well.
                    We, as humanity, can never "get ahead" till suicidal policies are followed by govts the world over.We have to live in harmony with nature.Don't test its limits because it knows what is best  for all of us because we are integral part of nature.And "showing off" belies a deep lack of self esteem.We are fine, howsoever we may be, but here again we have to "train" ourselves to understand our inherent grandeur.
               So I don't really blame the plutocrats.We utterly deserve this thrashing. But the hope on the horizon is the emerging global consciousness,via the internet,which,in my view,will eventually prevail to usher in a global rationality.And,I'm convinced, we must all massively intervene to make this possible.Each one of us matter,even though most of us don't realize this basic fact.