Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Learning as a Journey as well as a Goal

Learning is a way of life and in this journey there are actually no leaders and no followers.Life, in its unbounded Majesty, is what we have to learn from.And that Pulsating Presence Within, our common God,our greatest friend and lover,is the only Teacher we actually need.But we ardently need to forge a relationship with this Mighty Presence Within and then witness for ourselves the ensuing joy,abundance,freedom and the amazing lightness of our beings.

Unfortunately, we pass a lifetime chasing everything but this Magnificent Teacher that remains hidden behind every breath and every pore of our being.And this is the existential tragedy of the human drama.It seeks to be free and unbounded, its essential nature,but just doesn't seem to understand the way out. And that it can be so simple, the so called "experts" and leaders and Gurus will not countenance at the risk of being driven out of their businesses and their exploitative empires.

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