Tuesday, November 27, 2012

We Make Our Life What We Will

My friend, your theory of humankind's insignificance is premised on the principles of Duality. This attitude is the root cause for much of the problems that the world faces today.

The great teachers of antiquity, on the other hand, have emphasized Oneness(Advait) and interdependence(Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam) as the organizing principles of Life.

This confusion is understandable. Our bodies give an illusion of Separateness. But the body is essentially made from the Breath, we are all equalized in the breath,derived from the same air and Aakash which envelops all life forms from here to infinity..If we look deeper, the body is nothing but a congeries of electro-magnetic energy. And this is derived by reducing Spirit to the lowest frequency. Conversely, the Spirit is nothing but matter raised to the highest frequency.

So there is a seamless interconnection, a unity and utter inter- dependance of all life forms. It is this interchangeability between matter and energy(or Spirit) that is missed by the materialists and the Dualists.

The tragedy of the human race is that it confuses itself to be a drop instead of the entire Ocean itself. As a drop of water it is, indeed, insignificant and powerless. But, as the Ocean, it has the entire power of the Cosmos working in him and with him.As essentially Energy, that we are,how can there be a Separateness of the drop from the Ocean.

Attitude is everything, my friend. We make our life what we will.And Aanapansati, being with the breath, that the Great Buddha taught, equalizes us with all life forms and teaches us the principles of oneness,love and the sheer effervescence of all life forms, principles so critically needed in this world of endless inequality and strife.

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