Tuesday, April 9, 2013

You Don't Have Problems:You Are Just Bored

Do you ever wonder, What’s next?
After years (and lifetimes) of introspection, self-examination, searching for God and – finally – self-love and integration, what else is there for us to do? Many of us, myself included, have been committed to this journey of enlightenment for so long that we’re practi­cally on autopilot, always looking for the next thing to discover, learn or fix about ourselves. And some­times in that search we end up proving Kuthumi right when he said, “You don’t have problems, you’re just bored.” It’s almost as if we subconsciously manufacture “issues” and “challenges” so we have something to work on. But what if the work is done?
What if all that’s left is to allow and enjoy the life that unfolds beneath our feet?
Last month I wrote about discovering my truest dream, and it has been coming true – a rebalanced body gently becoming a gracious and welcoming home for my soul. It also quickly became very clear that my next truest dream, after my self, is my home. A home, after all, is an extension of the body, and inviting Soul to make itself at home in the body has a close correlation to making Self at home in a physical house. It became crystal clear to me that it was time to finally take ownership of my own home, rather than rent from someone else with the constant threat of eviction (our landlord has been trying to sell this house for several years). It was time for my home to finally belong to me, but how could I make this dream a reality?? Of course I’ve wanted my own home for years and years, but it always seemed impossible. So that dream has been kept out there somewhere, waiting for ‘someday when everything works out.’ But now we’re being challenged to allow ‘someday’ to be right now – or else forget about it.
Ever since this year began, I’ve felt a huge shift in the energies around us. Adamus’ messages have gone to new levels, my own everyday experiences have taken on a sense of ease and magic, and I can feel changes hap­pening at the most fundamental levels of consciousness. The energy is really moving, why not put it to work?
Several weeks ago Adamus did a DreamWalk, which had a profound effect on me. For each listener, it was a magical journey into their own Secret Garden of poten­tials, filled with the energy and possibility of anything. I’ve returned to my Secret Garden many times since, always finding it full of joy and life. Sometimes when I go to bed, weary from the day’s commitments, I drift away to my Garden and rest in the crystal clear pond, or sit qui­etly on a moss covered log, or walk among the beautiful stones and trees. I end up as rejuvenated and blessed as if I were actually there – because of course I am!
After the recent Shoud where Adamus talked about the Illuminated Free World Fund, the next journey to my Secret Garden held quite a surprise! Moving along the pebbled path toward the Garden gate, I noticed that the pebbles had changed. It was now a pathway made of jewels that sparkled beneath my feet! And, even more amazing, every tall stalk of grass waving in the breeze was topped with a jewel. What an amazing sight! Inside the Garden everything was still lush and verdant, but here and there, peeking through the grass and stones, were more sparkles of color. It was as if the
jewels that Adamus talked about were bursting into life right there in my Garden!
I breathed it all in, and every time I visited the Garden it was ever more beautiful and abundant. Of course my human self would sometimes wonder if it was really real, if anything “tangible” was going to come from my Garden of potentials, but it was such an enjoyable experi­ence that I was content. (In fact, if you haven’t already, I encourage you to give yourself the gift of listening to this beautiful journey into your own Secret GardenIt con­tains the energy and potential for everything you could possibly want and, because it’s alive and growing and respond­ing to you, it is truly filled with magic. And if you don’t like what you find there, it’s very easy to change.)
At some point I began to notice that things were really starting to move, especially with our house. More and more people were coming to look at it, and sure enough, the day came when someone found their dream home. They told us they were going to make an offer to buy, and I began to feel the impending chaos of finding a new home, packing up and moving. I don’t really mind the adventure of moving house, but it was hard to imagine living somewhere else. Nevertheless, it was time to finally say good­bye to my home. I energetically let go, with a bit of sadness but also with implicit trust that the perfect solution would unfold.
And suddenly, it did! One evening just three weeks ago I received some unexpected news that changed everything. Suddenly all sorts of brand new potentials fell into place, and today I can finally say what I’ve wanted to say for years: I am becoming the overjoyed owner of my beloved home! We are buying this wonderful house.
“How” it happened isn’t really important, because there are bazillions of potential hows. What brought this dream into reality was my energy, imagination, choice, trust and allowing. Of course I also have to activelyparticipate in making it real. Any time a dream becomes real there are 3-D logistical issues that have to be dealt with, and a willingness to do the “grunt work” is definitely required. (Buying a house involves a LOT of paperwork!) In this divine partnership between human and soul, that “grunt work” is the responsibility of the human.
A few days ago I went out to my little forest (here in my 3-D Garden), sat on my favorite rock, breathed deeply and felt all the energies around me – the rocks, trees, plants and soil, even the devas and gnomes and other interdimensional creatures that live here. I let them know that the limbo is finally over, that I am taking ownership of my little piece of heaven, and that every part of it is now in service to this Master. I felt the ener­gies in the land begin to come alive, answering the call. I felt deep into the earth, connect­ing with the hidden jewels that underwrite the Illuminated Free World Fund and the incred­ible crystal heart of the Earth. Everything was alive, and joy­fully stirring at the prospect of finally being in service to true Masters. I felt how the Earth really is here to support humanity, and wants only to be commanded forth into her full potential.
So, what’s next for you? How about magic! How about really living! How about imagining potentials instead of problems. How about trusting that everything really is here to serve you. There are still days when it’s impor­tant to remember what we’ve learned, but the days of suffering and working on ourselves can be over. Speaking from personal experience, look what hap­pens when you make YOU your priority, when YOU are your own dream come true – the magic finally shows up! When you have become the home of your Self, all that’s left is to dance with the potentials and allow the magic to unfold. And an occasional visit to your Secret Garden really helps. J

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