Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Grace is About Allowing ALL Energies to Serve You

Dear Friends,
                      I am pleased to share Grace with you.It is about Allowing the Energies of this vast cosmos to serve us. We have to Think our Oneness with this Universe, our common abode. We just have to go beyond all Limiting thoughts and drink off the nectar of Abundance, the abiding quality of our common homeland.
                      Being out of Grace is like being thirsty in the middle of a mountain river,and wondering when a drinking cup will appear. Just put your face in the flowing water and drink.Being out of Grace is like having the most advanced smartphone, but the battery is dead because you forgot to recharge it.
                       Get real, my friend.The days of sleepwalking and negligient living is such a drag. Time to push the envelope.

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