Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Your Cribbings Block Abundance From Your Lives

    I'm again pleased to share this important article with you. Small variations in our attitudes go a long way in determining how successful we will be in our lives.In my mind, I have no confusion that Abundance is the abiding quality of this Universe and we can command the elements to achieve anything.
                         We all want money, good positions,good health and loving relationships. But the rub is that too often we are in a Complaining mode. Thereby we actually decline the energies coming our way instead of receiving them.This energy of Resistance effectively blocks also those things we ardently want.
                           Secondly, we are terribly blinded by limiting thoughts. This is possible, this is not possible.We have to replace our Cribbings and limiting thoughts with the energy of Abundance.
                    We are all receivers.There is no shame in receiving.It is only the inbreath before the outbreath.There is nothing to give in return for receiving the light of the sun or the gravity that keeps us on earth or the rain that brings life. It is simply the natural flow of things.Abundance is the law of this Universe of which we are an integral part.So instead of being selective, maybe its time to allow ALL energies to come in without resistance.
                           And thereby enjoy your life to the fullest.In being,first, happy ourselves,we are going to spread happiness all around.The hard fact is that, being such unhappy entities,we are only radiating unhappiness now.Let us break lose from our unhappiness prisons.

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