Sunday, July 3, 2011

Indignez Vous!!!

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Subject: Time for Outrage by Stephane Hessel

The season for outrage is upon us and Stephane Hessel,a 94 year old has polemically captured the angst of the age.Man is born free,but everywhere he is in chains.I think the time is just ripe to unshackle ourselves of these chains.
Once we realize the unlimited potentials, that lie buried within reams and reams of social consciousness,and find our true power we'll have the wherewithal,collectively, to fashion a just society premised on equal opportunities for all.
Do check out this 40 page book which is creating waves the world over.

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Subject: A Resistance Hero Casts A Spell

A Resistance Hero Casts A Spell
The only way to avoid a violent revolution is to stage a peaceful one. That, in substance, is the message that Stephane Hessel, a grand old man of 94, issued in a slim pamphlet published in October last year.

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Message from avinash sahay
in india the people are deeply concerned about corruption in high places.actually the whole system has become dysfunctional.this book is a timely warning for intervention,indeed outrage,by young people because they stand to lose the most.i am certain that outrage and intervention will change the entire paradigm.the meek shall yet inherit.

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