Thursday, July 7, 2011

We are a Part of the Solution

Dear Sameer,
You are very correct.Along with the persons you mentioned,there are numerous others such as Mr Pandey of Husk Power Systems which has about a lac consumers,and projecting about 30 lacs in 4 years time, in Bihar generating elecricity for their needs.This gentleman quit his cosy job in the U.S and,with two other friends,one of them an Italian, is doing this pathbreaking work in one of the most backward regions.
The point about my forward is to motivate many of us,who have so much of experience and ideas, to think of similar projects so that we can enrich not only ourselves but also our communities in a big way.The poor now,who earn about a dollar or two today, can easily be scaled up to earn much more by providing such basic infrastrucure such as electricity, education and health facilities.
The govts are too lethargic and incompetent to undertake such massive initiatives in the 6.5 lac villages of our country.It is here that we, the educated whose children are well on course towards attractive careers, can chip in with our efforts.For this we just need some courage and a new mind set which sets us on larger goals.We may be endlessly aware of corruption in high places and how the entire system has become dysfunctional.But once We,the educated and relatively prosperous section of the society, take charge we'll also begin the process of being part of the solution instead of mere cribbings and fault findings.

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