Friday, July 8, 2011

The Scams are only the Symptoms

We were discussing the issue of corruption. Now P Sainath has come up with the theory that all these scams that are coming to light in this country are only the symptoms.The disease is the State itself, driven as it is by the Corporates. And he comes up with solid data, not merely ideological posturings.
According to him , corruption has three sources. One,huge concentration of power and wealth in a handful of people.Two,the whole edifice of economic policy over the past 20 years has only driven, deepened and legitimized these inequalities. Third,the culture of impunity and arbitrariness with very little accountibility that enables the rich and powerful to get away with anything.
My own view is that the roots of the disease runs much deeper.All of us are party to the election of our representatives and all of us are beneficiaries of this systemic loot of the past twenty years.So how can we be smug and think we are not culpable for the present mess and the systemic pauperization of the populace at large.
The fact is that our Consciousness is stuck with Separateness and in the Material. That is why we are unable to understand Oneness and utter Interdependence of all Creation which causes us to act so selfishly and so cavalierly.

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P Sainath has touched a raw nerve of the chattering classes,the upwardly mobile,who are supposedly partners in the systemic looting of the national resources resulting in the pauperization of the populace at large.Therefore, the disease runs deeper.

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