Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Intervene or Perish

Thanks for circulating this mail.Generally,we talk of big things,make fun of most things around us and criticize governance as the root cause of everything bad in our country.But the main thing is that we are very much a part of the whole. Change has to begin with us.Intervention,whatever may be possible within our means,holds the key for improvement all around.
I salute this retired IRS officer who has taken some steps to regenerate our villages.There are 6 lakh villages in India which still provides livelihood,very inefficiently,for 68% of Indians,generating just 18% of the GDP.This is because we educated Indians have abandoned our roots.The government alone is incapable of tackling this gargantuan task.Most NGOs are hand in gloves with the govt in siphoning off public funds.
Therefore there is ample scope for intelligent and committed people like us to fill this yawning crisis of leadership at all levels.At least 600 Anna Hazares are required for each of the 600 districts of this country.Only then there can be a lasting solution for the unlimited opportunities that lie in store for us,if we try.Otherwise the govt is smart enough to thwart the recent Hazare upsurge.The pressure on the govt, at all levels, must be relentless.The responsibility on us educated classes is immense.
Intervene or perish!

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From: Debashish Bhattacharyya
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Subject: [IT-BHU-BatchOf1982] Fwd: FW: On Teachers' Day: Remember your school also:

FYI and please circulate.

Dear friends, Here is a short message from a Non-IIT person, retired from Income Tax department, who had come to PanIIT 2010 and requested us for a Poster Space. He wanted to share some simple messages with IIT alumni. He has sent me a mail today, on Teacher Day, which I felt compelling to share with all of you. I would strongly encourage you to look at the list and see what you can do at your individual level. Regards Yogesh From: Subhash Chand Aggarwal []
Sent: Sunday, September 04, 2011 1:36 PM
To: Yogesh Andlay (IITD Alumni)
Subject: On Teachers' Day: Remember your school also: Dear Yogesh Ji, How are you? Will you kindly circulate this email amongst all your best friends and relatives all over the world?

Every year India celebrates 5th of September as Teachers' Day - it being the birth day of former President of India, Dr. S.Radhakrishnan.

On this day, you may like to think of your teachers, your class fellows of the school from which you got your primary education or passed 10th class. You may like to do something for the development of the said school or for the development of the school situated in your native/ancestral village. You can launch two or three or all projects for the development of the school situated in your native/ancestral village by spending money from your own pocket:

1. Construction of separate toilets for boys and girls.
2. Construction of boundary walls of the school.
3. Renovation of the school building.
4. Do white wash of the school building.
5. Construction of additional class rooms.
6. Construction of libraries in the school.
7. Provide computer education in the schools.
8. Appoint a Yoga teacher in the school to teach Pranayaam to every student so that every student can remain healthy in his or her life.
9. Provide salaries to a few teachers to solve the problem of lack of teachers in your village school.
10 Make sure that there is electricity in your school during school hours.10A Renovate school playground.
11 Provide game kits - 20 foot balls, hockey sticks, cricket balls, nets, volley balls, sport shoes, cricket bats etc.
12 Provide basic facilities - tube lights, chairs, black boards, bulbs,fans, jute-mates (tat-pattis) in case desks are not available.
13 Provide Tables, chairs, almirahs for teachers.
14. Set up a Trust or a Foundation to promote welfare activities for students in your village school.
15 Revisit your school, discuss problems of the school with the Head Master and solve some additional problems of your school.
16. Give prizes of 2 pens or any other suitable prize to students

a) who have stood first, second and third in the class or
b) who have secured more than 60 marks in any subject or
c) who have attendance in the class at least 90% to 95%.
d) who have very good handwriting.
e) who have written an essay "what shall I do to develop my ancestral village when I grow up?" - words limit 50 to 500 words.(only for 10th class students). Consultation with
parents, brothers, uncles should be allowed
f) who have learnt and can give demonstration of doing "Pranayaam" and Yoga at least for half an hour in class.
g) who have provided adult education to their parents and grandparents and taught Pranayaam - at least anulom vilam, kapalbhatti, to them.

17. Repair the roof(s), wall(s) of the school building.
18. Provide varnish and paints on the doors and windows.
19. Repair all school furniture - chairs, tables, sofas, stools, almirahs, doors, windows etc. lying unused in the school premises.
20. Provide drinking water facilities - water cooler.
21. Provide a tube well in the school premises so that students can take bath in the evening after playing games.
22. Make sure that every person above the age of 18 in your village gets education up to 10th class or upto Matriculation.

Kindly acknowledge this email and forward it to your best friends or relatives who were born in villages or have ancestral villages in India.

With Regards,

SC Aggarwal, IRS (Retd)
Founder, Poverty Trust,
K-101, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi 110076
September 4, 2011
Phone No. 29942933
To end poverty: Develop your native/ancestral village with your own funds: POVERTY TRUST


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