Tuesday, September 13, 2011

When the Master Sleeps the Servants have a Ball

Thank you,my friend.I admire your chutzpah and happily note that there's a lot of fight left in you yet.Most of us,heavily sedated by the social consciousness,are quite happy to play ball with the parasitical class,the religious,political and business elites,not even realizing that our zest for living has been almost decimated.
But the point remains that,in a democracy,the people are the masters and both the elected representatives, and the bureaucrats,are nothing but servants of the public.But what happens when the Master sleeps and leaves the running of the affairs to the servants.Why, the servants just have a ball!
This is exactly what is happening in our country.The educated classes,who are supposed to remain vigilant,are caught up in survival,in their small concerns and paranois.Cricket, films and following the so called "celebrities" is what we are stuck with.Then there is that five yearly circus of electioneering when we wake up briefly and then lapse into somnolescense soon thereafter.
The point is to track the body politic.Bring pressure to activate the gram sabhas and the mohalla panchayat.The RTI has been a godsent.Bring pressure to bring the whole gamut of governance online.The Ministries and the collectors must know that the public is vigilant and every rupee spent is under social audit.
But I have the hope that the new generation will be more vigilant,and less tolerant, because they are most at the receiving end.So let us expect the very best in the years to come.

Thanks for circulating this mail.Generally,we talk of big things,make fun of most things around us and criticize governance as the root cause of everything bad in our country.But the main thing is that we are very much a part of the whole. Change has to begin with us.Intervention,whatever may be possible within our means,holds the key for improvement all around.
I salute this retired IRS officer who has taken some steps to regenerate our villages.There are 6 lakh villages in India which still provides livelihood,very inefficiently,for 68% of Indians,generating just 18% of the GDP.This is because we educated Indians have abandoned our roots.The government alone is incapable of tackling this gargantuan task.Most NGOs are hand in gloves with the govt in siphoning off public funds.
Therefore there is ample scope for intelligent and committed people like us to fill this yawning crisis of leadership at all levels.At least 600 Anna Hazares are required for each of the 600 districts of this country.Only then there can be a lasting solution for the unlimited opportunities that lie in store for us,if we try.Otherwise the govt is smart enough to thwart the recent Hazare upsurge.The pressure on the govt, at all levels, must be relentless.The responsibility on us educated classes is immense.
Intervene or perish!

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