Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Elites Actually Exercise Control through a Military State called the USA

Dear Friends,

This caption will come as a rude shock to many of us long fed on the myth of the American Dream.But I urge that you listen to the five links of Professor Vijay Prashad at the Occupy Wall Street in the You Tube to understand how the things are the way they are.

Either we learn to work together for the common good or we perish.There is no other alternative.

Professor Prashad has rightly pointed out that the crisis in the U.S is not about greed of the 1%.It's about economics and politics and power exercised by the 1% not only over 99% of the Americans but over much of the world.

Therefore its not about 99% versus the 1%.The whole system has collapsed.And we have to start demanding the impossible.The American State is actually a Military State where social spending has been capped at 14.5% of the GDP.Military Spending is the tool whereby the elites exercise power and control over the entire world, not just 99% of the Americans.

Social Solidarity is what the elites do not want. The Americans have been driven to an utterly privatized existence.Because once the public at large start exchanging notes, they'd immediately understand the rottenness of the system.

Therefore this is the first flush Victory of the Occupy Wall Street movement. It has brought people together. Even newspapers from the Vatican, Financial Times and New York Times are forced to concede that Inequality in America is Obscene.

There will be more victories in this ongoing struggle.It will take time.But I am hopeful that the first nail in dismantling the Military State that America represents has been struck by the brave protesters of Occupy Wall Street.

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