Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Organized Religion Emasculates our Creativity and Spirit

Firstly, I'm not mocking religion but ORGANIZED religion. There Is a distinction between the two .And one does not have to be super-brilliant to discern that difference. My relationship with my God is Personal. Infact, I'm ONE with it and I don't need intermediaries or the temples to fulfil my inner urgings.

Secondly, all these outstanding individuals who changed the course of history, challenged status quo and liberated the oppressed ,entities such as Ram, Krishna,Buddha,Mahavir, Jesus and Mohammed, have now been appropriated by the same Organized Religion to perpetuate the status quo which these geniuses so ardently fought against.

Organized Religion emphasizes that we must bow down before a Superior Entity called God for our well being.They belittle a very basic urge such as Sex which is the very reason for our existence.This way they condemn the entire humanity to live in perpetual guilt complex. This kowtowing before a Superior entity has also been appropriated by the political and business elites to perpetuate this ideology of Serfdom which destroys the psyche and well being of the populace.

Mind you,in All the spiritual traditions of this world, the greatest thinkers have taught the concept of "Aham Brahmasmi." Buddha said, 'Be a Light unto Yourself." Christ said,"The kingdom of God is within you." Muhammed forbade any kind of idol worship.Ram and Krishna said that you and I are one and the same.Only I know who I am and you don't know who you are.

My quarrel is with this tradition of bowing before a superior entity. The very act of placing us below someone destroys our Creativity and prevents us from attaining our highest potentials.We may attain such ephemeral things as power, status and money. But,in the light of all Eternity, to which we are All proud heirs of,what is all these material assets worth?Humanity can immeasurably benefit by being Free and Creative, rather than being a Slave of anyone.

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