Sunday, October 23, 2011

Trust the Human Genius to Eventually Flower and to Prevail

No,my friend,our exchanges are not an exercise in futility.It may strike a chord somewhere.Let us live in hope.Though,in the interregnum,things might seem quite hopeless.Trust the human genius to eventually flower, and to prevail.
                      My exposition wasn't about the misuse of religion at all. That's quite another story.I'm convinced that Religion itself is the MOST important tool of socialization in the hands of the ruling elites to subjugate the populace to readily accept the thesis that they have to bow down before a class of "SUPERIOR "people,just as they get used to bowing before deities in the temple.
                         Mind you, bowing down in itself doesn't debase us.The point is to WHAT we bow down to.I would say that bowing down to the concept of universal EQUALITY of all and the world as one family, Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam, are concepts any rational person will agree are worth bowing down before.
                          Again,I believe, there is a Creative Principle which holds us all together. Otherwise the gravitational pull will cause us to implode.This is the Universal Spirit.I bow down in utmost reverence to this Spirit,which is generally called  God. A Oneness with this Universal Spirit makes my day and takes care of whatever I may want.
                             I'll also clarify that I have nothing against any religious practice which may remind us and help us to be ONE with this GOD.But we have to understand and be ONE with the concept of Aham Brahmasmi. Just as I Am That, everyone else is .Because it is the SAME power,same Energy, which pervades everything in this Cosmos.Unless we are One with this power, nothing will ever seem quite right,something will always seem missing, howsoever money, power or fame we might earn.
                     Unfortunately,everyone, most of all the ruling elites,are only interested in dividing peoples on the basis of religion or nationalities or anything.DIVIDE and RULE is a classic policy used by the ruling elites since antiquity.But the sad part is that we fall prey to such propaganda because we haven't yet understood who we REALLY are.
                     But I'm hopeful that in this information age that we live in,it will not be very difficult for people to find whatever they may want.And when the people are empowered, the old hierarchies are bound to crumble.

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