Sunday, October 30, 2011

Our Conversations and Cooperative Endeavors Must Continue

I must congratulate you on your dogged expositions.You are very articulate and you expand our consciousness.And this conversation must continue.The fairly well off, people like us,have been reduced to leading completely individualized lives,each minute of the day.We don't know each other,and we are essentially alone.

And, I would submit, this suits the ruling elites very well. Their empire will crumble when we start joining each other in Solidarity and working cooperatively for the common good of mankind.Because this Earth is our common home and,however we may irritate each other at times,how do we escape our common home.All alone, we are actually nothing,gullible playthings at the hands of the ruling elites!

Regarding the issue itself,I would submit that our Brain is a grand Receiver of various frequencies which it picks up from this Ocean of consciousness which is our common home.All our thoughts arise from this Ocean. Now what frequencies the brain picks up depends on what frequency it is itself vibrating at.We actually use only about 10-20% of the brain, corresponding to the intellectual brain,which is sufficient for our survival,sexuality and power plays.The higher frequencies of love,joy and genius pass us by because our brain is not sufficiently trained to receive these higher frequencies.The Ruling Elites will keep us so stressed so as to destroy our abilities to think creatively.And unless we are in peace,joy and harmony, how do we pick up these higher frequencies of genius?

I agree completely with what you say.My only submission is that we have to develop our brains to gain more from this Ocean that we inhabit.The brain is the grandest supercomputer ever invented.And there is no temple of God ever built that can match our Brain in brilliance.But, so far, we have only skimmed the surface of its Grandeur.

And, this is the unfinished task that we should bow down before in utmost reverence because only Knowledge can save humankind from a Militarist Elite bent on destroying this Earth with its attitude Racism, Inequality and a mindless Consumerism which can only give them so much satisfaction and no more.

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