Monday, August 20, 2012

Don't Turn Science into Another Religion

   Its not a question of Absolutes or Diversity alone.Ofcourse, Life is full of diversity and there cannot be any Absolute in life. But there is a school of thought which thinks that the only thing worth accepting is that coming out of so called "scientific" experiments done in laboratories based on the Cartesian-Newtonian paradigm. Everything else is dismissed as bumkum, based on faith.
                      This school of thought does grave disservice to science itself because science,in its essence, can never be a closed ended system. In that case it will turn into another Religion.Science, like Life itself, is open ended. The Newtonian paradigm was overturned by Einsteinian Relativity which may again be superceded when another particle travelling more than the speed of light is discovered.
                         The point is to move on and not accept whatever "found" in scientific labs as the gospel truth.Indeed, these are often motivated by pure commerce,than by a spirit of service to humanity.There cannot be a bigger laboratory than Life. Indeed the Yogis have found many secrets of Life through Contemplation, through exploration of the hidden recesses of the human brain, of which the normal human activities using just about 10% thereof. The time tested principles of Ayurveda serves many denizens of this Earth, including in the West, quite well and there is every reason for such people to swear by the miracles experienced in their lives through Patanjali's Ashtang Yoga and by Ayurveda.

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