Dear Friends,
                   We hardly need a Friendship Day to celebrate friendship.Look at Nature of which, as Energy and Consciousness entities, we are an integral part.Friendship,Synergy and Interdependence is a Natural Law of this Cosmos. But do these properties really translate as the living reality of the mass of the denizens who inhabit this Mother Earth.Its time we pondered on the forces which militate against such an outcome.
                     The so called "Rationalists" claim that the developments in Science and Technology is the only path forward.We probably forget that the hallmark of success of any civilization lies not in the number of patents registered or in the number of millionaires produced, but in the absence of starvation among the masses.
                         Religious fundamentalism and Crony capitalism are two aspects of the same coin.Instead of love and friendship as the natural law of creation, these draw sustenance on the theory of "the Other." And,if someone is not your own, but the "Other", you can abuse him at will,relegate him to a sub-human status,without remorse or feeling the pangs of conscience.
                           This is where the world finds itself today.So we have to embrace, not only the Rationality of the Intellectual mind, but the greater Rationality of the Subconscious mind.And thereby regain the Love and Wisdom to embrace all of the Earth's denizens in the spirit of friendship and brotherhood.
                           The pain and the anguish of our less unfortunate brethrens will not let us rest in peace till then.

Best regards,