Diabetes and hypertension are symptomatic of underlying deeper problems.  These can be cured by working not only on the body but also on the mind. There are legions who have experienced miracles in their life by following the right world view, as postulated in our Scriptures.Equally, there are legions who lead highly tortured lives because of their alienated thinking. I am given to understand that Depression is one of the leading diseases in the US, next only to hypertension and cardiac.
                      Our ancients,not only in India but in other traditions as well, have given us two beautiful concepts. One, that of Aham Brahmasmi. Two, that of Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam. The first simply means that the power of creation is inherent in us.Whatever we experience in our lives, we have first created in our thoughts,beliefs and attitudes.All of physical reality has actually been imagined into existence.This world view allows us to take Responsibility for our lives, and not erroneously blame our Karma,our bad Stars, or  "God."
                      The second means that all of creation is actually one big family and this teaches us the extraordinary concepts of love, compassion and harmony with all of life forms.
               The hard reality is that our lives are far removed from actually living the above two principles. In an earlier mail I have dealt with the how the forces of religious messianism and crony capitalism have destroyed human life on this beautiful Planet Earth.Due to this,and our own stupor,we are not at ease with our innermost Self.The more we strive for more and more,we actually seem to end up with less and less.A pyrrhic victory!!!
             Many people have benefitted immensely from Patanjali's system of Ashtanga Yoga.This begins to clean up our warped world views and we gradually begin to find ourselves, the "real" us, not the egotist self which,so far, is the only reality we know.
                   And, of course, Ayurveda is a great miracle also, as so many of our friends have testified.But the main thing is to Know Thyself and discover our inherent beauty and grandeur.Which,possibly,may also impel us to create a better life on Mother Earth than we have seen so far.

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