Sunday, July 25, 2010

Being the Change

Sent: Sun, July 25, 2010 9:48:20 AM
Subject: Being the Change

Dear Friends,
I want to draw your attention to the July 26 issue of India Today titled Action Heroes.This is the story, not of celebrities,but of people within the gargantuam chaos that is India and trying to make it work.
Look at the stats. In a country of 110 crore people, there are 6.4 lac villages and 2.5 lac elected local govt officials. There are about a 100 centrally sponsored schemes converging on these 6.4 lac villages with earmarked funds of 1.37 lac crores only for the social sector.
The point I want to make is this. The business of governance is a mammoth task.We are all stakeholders in governance as the govt collects close to 8 lac crores from us for this business of governance.The enormity of the task is too much for the govt to handle alone.
As Mahatma Gandhi said, India can only be regenerated from bottom upwards. The villages must be strengthened. Each of us has an unfulfilled agenda to be agents of this social transformation. And we can take our cue and inspiration from these Action Heroes.
The leaders may be missing in action. But let us prove that each of us footsoldiers, empowered, are equal to the task at hand.

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