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A Copy-Cat Culture

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I hope the accompanying article will give you some food for thought.It seems that most of the great work done by Indians is outside
India.Our country has lost the passion to unleash the creativity of it's citizens.It has become a copy-cat culture of the rich west.We seem to have forgotten that there is an underlying dignity of our still largely peasant-tribal paradigm.And we have fostered an essentially urban culture,replete with dirt,pollution and insane competition for the scarce resources. More money in our banks has not translated into more bliss or freedom for us but a paranoia to have more of the same.We seem to have lost ourselves in a cul-de-sac,with no idea as to where we are headed.
This may be because we are not relying on our inner creativity. The mind is insanely active, the soul and spirit are in a state of somnolescense.We have to think deep and hard.The 10% culture inheres in itself the seed of it's own destruction. In unleashing our inner genius and creativity-Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam-we'll all have found our abundance,peace and harmony that we crave for.And this is entirely within our reach.Let us have faith in ourselves and in our ability for achieving the miraculous.

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Mr Vishwanathan has again hit the nail on the head. This article can be treated as a sequel to Why Live Borrowed Dreams he wrote sometime back. It is only be unleashing our creativity that we can live with bliss and freedom. Acopy-cat culture of the West, which the elites are unwittingly fostering, has very weak legs to stand on. But we need not lose heart. Rationality and good sense will prevail, and we must put our heart,mind, soul and all our strength into creating this reality.

Rethinking education

The other day someone asked me what I thought were the three most important ministries. The standard answers expected were defence, home and finance. Some would hyphenate foreign and defence. I must admit these are important ministries, if law and order, security are the most important goals of the state. But in a futuristic sense, as a vision for creativity, the three most important ministries ar

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