Sunday, July 4, 2010

Breath, the symbol of our Freedom

[IT-BHU-BatchOf1982] From Fear to Abundance
avinash sahay
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Dear Lala,
After a short holiday, I'm back and could not resist the temptation to add to what you have said.
The human species is truly done in by the "MIND" which has an endless capacity for myth making.Waves of "thoughts" impinge continously on the brain.These thoughts are random, discrete and unconnected to each other. But the "intellectual" mind has a tendency to connect these essentially unconnected thoughts to weave "stories" to torment the psyche.
This point needs to be stressed. The "stories" of the mind do NOT elevate us, it always depresses and torments us. Why? Because the intellectual mind is caught up in DUALITY, the quicksand, the morass of the material world.It can't see a thought, an event, just as a thought or an event. It is caught up in grand theorizing, in the dualities of the good/bad,right/ wrong,high/ low,and thereby weaving vicious circles for our imprisonment.
If we want to breathe the air of freedom and bliss, we must tap the unused, the non-intellectual, parts of our brain. Just make a habit of sitting for 5-10 min and watch the movement of the BREATH.The breath is the symbol of the Infinite Life in us. Being " conscious" of the breath, we effortlessly make the transition from the ephemeral to the eternal, from duality to Oneness, from fear of the material world to Abundance of All Life.Even in our routine activities let us be "conscious" and "alert" in all our actions so as to deny the "mind" the arena to operate in its sinister myth makings.
We owe to ourselves, and to one another, such a journey.

Best regards,

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