Sunday, July 4, 2010

Why Dream Borrowed Dreams

Why Dream Borrowed Dreams
avinash sahay
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I believe this is a brutally honest article to be appearing in the mainstream media.The editors deserve the gratitude of the reading public. One way to "progress" in this fast changing world is to progress on the principles of Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam where there is only one set of rules for all, rather than the present paradigm where a tiny minority is more equal. This article sensitizes us to precisely such a possibility. Thanks, Mr Shiv Vishwanathan, for presenting your views so lucidly.

Why dream borrowed dreams?

One of the most seductive myths that the Indian middle class and its elite believes in is that the 21st century is the Indian Century. Generously the myth adds that we shall share honours with China. Wishfully it contends that we will have a seat in the United Nations Security Council. Our diaspora certifies this myth because it adds to its brittle dignity in the countries it lives in. Between IT,

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