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A copy-cat Culture

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Thanks, Mama. I agree completely with your views.Your example of Obama, how the time and commitment of a parent can pave the way for a child's success is fascinating.The feminists(which includes males) would not take very kindly to some of your views. But ,of course,you mean that mere "quality time" with children is just an eyewash,meant only to assuage one's guilt.
There is very little independent thinking left.In the hanker for money,fame and "getting ahead"(whatever that means) the development of the Self has been given a decent burial. That's why there's no contentment or happiness anywhere.
Second, we have downgraded our peasant-tribal-nomad culture and are obssessed with so called "urbanity."In my life the most "urbane"person I know is my 68 year old chacha who is a farmer in our village. Unless we strengthen our villages(the world over),my sense is that we are doomed as a civilization
Also, the dominance of nation states with their narrow militarism plays havoc with peace which is the sine qua non for any prosperity.That's why I'm firmly of the view that neither the American or the Chinese model can be the basis of a happy future.There's a whole space crying out to be filled( for brilliant folks to blaze) based on "inner"genius(no copy-catting) and creativity.

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The CopyCat culture/nature/instinct arises from insecurities/inferiority complexes. Roots of this insecurity (lack of self-confidence) are about ~1,000 years old. The only way a foreign invader can rule a population is by destroying their intelligentia and intellectual abilities and replace it with servitude. So, Khiljis, Mughals and then British systematically created a system of education and laws that promoted people that were good slaves and followed orders without ever questioning them.

India has a very old culture and civilization. During all those thousands of years of experience, Indians have forgotten many times more knowledge than Western populations have learned in their short period of enlightenment. However, our entire knowledge base (such as Nalanda library was lost) and replaced with dumb system of education.

Once independence came, unfortunately, there were no independent thinkers (other than Gandhi) who could have created a new free-people's system of laws, education and the rest that are needed to create a proud free society, and culture. Unfortunately, Gandhi was killed shortly after independence. So, there was no independent thinker left to create a proper constitution, change the laws and lay the ground work for the creation of a truly free country and people. Indian constitution is terrible (hybrid of British and US constitutions and totally unsuitable for India), the education system still produces slaves (except the masters are Indian officers and not British). Even the national anthem is a disgrace.

So, what is the solution. TIME. It took about a thousand years to create a nation of slaves (Copycats) and it will take 100-200 years to fix everything. It helps if at an early age, there is a role model to follow. Someone to show the light so the right path is visible. Sooner a child gets this input, farther he/she will go. So, the change has to begin in grade school and through the mother's influence. How do you create this change is a very big and difficult challenge. One example is Obama. His mother was a free spirit, the product of the 60s Vietnam era of protests and social experimentation. Yet, she would get up every day at 4-5 AM and make Obama do his homework while she sat with him. It takes that kind of dedication to learning and knowledge on the part of the mother to create a terrific baby and a hope for the future. As long as the mother's are too busy working to get money to buy a bigger house, material comforts and leaving the child to the care of others or in front of TV or playing video games, the whole next generation is lost. The decline of America is primarily due to this force. Women did not start working outside the home till 1970s and educational and economic achievements have gone steadily downhill in the past 40 years.

Next time we meet, we can sit and talk about what is wrong with India, US, the whole of humanity, and how do you take corrective action, even on a small scale of one person doing his/her part. Love,

Nabboo Mama

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