Saturday, December 4, 2010

Can A Revolution be Tweeted

A recent issue of The New Yorker,as per 104.8 FM in Chennai, wondered whether a revolution can ever be tweeted.This set me thinking,and I'm convinced it can be.
With the advent of the Internet the status quo has got a severe jolt.It has empowered the majority,and I look forward to the day when internet access is completely free.With the recent WikiLeaks and Radia tapes disclosures, neither diplomacy nor business will be the same again.I'm not suggesting that scams which pass off for governance in most parts of the world will disappear overnight.But, certainly, the practisoners of realpolitik and crony capitalism(some sceptics think capitalism is nothing but crony capitalism)will have a run for their money.
The real challenge before the denizens of this cyber(as well as real) world is to roll back the powers and size of the govt bureaucracies. Let power and decision making be decentralized to the lowest levels.Let a million village republics bloom.Because power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Also in this age of the Internet and globalization, narrow national identities will fast become an anachronism.What do the common people in India, China and Pakistan have to fight about.Their only enemies are inefficient and corrupt govts which has failed to provide them with a decent life.In the name of development,it develops only a minority while continuing to pulverize the environment. It was only to be expected, as is evident in the stash of 386 lac crore in just one of the tax havens, viz Switzerland.Contrast this with less than a dollar earned by 78% of our people.
So,if we think these govts can be trusted to usher in a revolution,just forget it. We have to introspect deep and hard and learn to use our own resources.Let a million synergies bloom.Let us learn to love and work together.And in this we have the greatest friend.The Internet.Let's mail and tweet our way to the Promised Earth.Let the torch of hope burn brighter and brighter.And, for God's sake, don't smirk and crib about the invasion of privacy.It isn't serious anymore. When millions starve the world over,our privacy isn't worth a dime.

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