Monday, December 20, 2010

Destiny is Happening Every Moment

I want to share my thoughts on something very vital for us.For too long we have been stuck with destiny, so as to leave little room for free will and the vitality of our Spirit.
Spirit is ONE and universal.Everything in this cosmos is but the manifestation of the Same Spirit, in infinite ways.We are all proud inheritors of this pulsating Spirit. Unfortunately, our inheritance lies in tatters because of this vicious brainwashing that we are puny creatures at the mercy of stars and galaxies and other forces beyond our control. But once we accept ONENESS, or Advaita, we will surely see that there is only the same energy, the Spirit, that animates everything in the cosmos.So how can anything have a larger power over us.
Yes, the fact remains that this vicious brainwashing has,indeed, reduced us to puny creatures. But we only need to overturn the present dualism,into Oneness,on it's head.Therefore,everytime we judge others harsly we do violence to ourselves, thereby reducing our infinite potentials, waiting to be unleashed.
With a nominal use of just 10% of our brain capacity,we have done well.With a greater use of our brain we can wreak miracles. Let us give to ourselves this magnificent gift. We deserve to reclaim our lost grandeurs.

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