Friday, December 17, 2010

Take Care of the Moment,Bounties will Follow

Re: Be happy and alert in the moment;Bounties will follow
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To: avinash sahay
You have expressed nicely the various factors as we live life.Thanks.I
liked your way.rgs himanshu

On 8/29/10, avinash sahay wrote:
> Dear Mimansa,
> As you head to Utrecht,our hearts are with you. I'm
> sure it'll be a great learning experience.Be curious, be open ,learn and
> absorb
> things around you.Life has everything to offer us. Life is
> unlimited,bounteous,abundant. The only limitations are what our preconceived
> notions and logical, thinking mind place upon us. There is nothing like that
> in
> the Infiniteness of Life itself.
> So the message is this. Live Life to the fullest in the moment.Do your work
> like mad Give to your work 100%.And have love, sympathy and empathy for
> everyone
> and thing around you.We can only have a great life by acknowledging people
> around us as we acknowledge ourselves.We forgive ourselves so easily. The
> same
> courtesy should be extended to everybody else.
> Lastly love yourself. We don't know how
> grand we really arebecause we have never tried to find out. So spend some
> time
> going inward, and stiling the restless mind with it's constant stream of
> thoughts. It is then that real knowledge comes. And this knowledge sets us
> free.
> And then we live life to the fullest.
> Live life secure in the knowledge that our
> greatest lover inside is with us in every single breath.It never forsakes us
> even though we scarcely pay any attention to it,so mesmerized we are with
> only
> things external.
> Mimansa, I really want us to be drunk
> with
> knowledge, power and love so that we can move mountains and be exemplars in
> a
> new world which is slowly taking shape despite our slumber and sleepwalking
> through Life.
> Best regards,
> Avinash

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