Tuesday, December 14, 2010

You Are Heaven

I hope you'll find this piece useful.Though our thinking mind will be very sceptical and will argue endlessly for it's own limitedness.I know many of you will balk at the suggestion that we are complete,being Creators in our own right, merging seamlessly with Everything That Is.
I am certain that the world will be a much better place to live in when we understand this. The struggles in our life, as in the world, are precisely because we are stuck with limitedness.Life becomes boring, after a while,and we age because of the limited brain use.And this gives rise to our fears, insecurities,and a paranoia for accumulation and more of the same.
That is why the sadhaks and lovers never tire of trying of going beyond all limitations because only then do we find true love which gives to us an all pervading peace.

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What is our definition of Heaven, the Absolute, or Enlightenment? What does that look like for you? What is it according to the saints of the world who have realized Truth? Everyone assumes that they know the truth ­ that it automatically corresponds to what they believe it to be, as if the fact that they believe it makes it a certainty. Obviously, this has been the cause of religious wars throughout the centuries.

Now, of course, we are in a more enlightened state and we recognize that all of the world religions hold some portion of truth. It would be politically incorrect to suggest that one belief system is truer than any other. And since we are broad minded and open to all of them, certainly we are more fully conversant with the ultimate truth. Now we are enlightened in the great mysteries of spirit. We see that truth is like a great diamond with many facets. We understand and accept that there is one truth with many paths to reach it, and we honor each path and the people who choose to accept it.

But the path is not the goal, and while there are many paths that lead to that enlightened state, what does it look like once you get there? And if we don’t know what it looks like when we get there, how do we even know that the path we are on will ultimately arrive at where we want to go? The difficulty is compounded by the fact that the enlightened state has been characterized as beyond definition, unspeakable, un-nameable, and unknowable and beyond thought, beyond concepts and beyond mind. So any definition or name that we attribute to it is simply that - a name, not "It". This leads the aspirant, almost by necessity, to explore what is not "It" in hopes of finding "It". Since we are, to a great extent, motivated by, influenced by, and limited by our own conceptions of the Absolute, we will study and aspire for those things which match our conception of what "It" is, too often in a vain search, waiting for an experience which will prove to us that we have reached the "unknowable", "indescribable" "It".

The situation is very much like an analogy that was recently shared with me. If you had two doorways, a doorway to heaven and a doorway to a lecture about heaven, you would find the vast majority of people lined up before the doorway to the lecture about heaven. Often we aren’t as interested in experiencing the divine as we are in being able to know about it, talk about it, and impress people with our astounding depth of information about it. And what if you could actually open the doors and look in? In the doorway to the lecture about heaven, you would find a room full of beautiful people, drinking organic tea, talking about Gods & Goddesses, doing energy work, singing songs, meditating together, discussing the pros and cons of various paths and spiritual techniques ­ generally having a great time. On the other hand, when you opened the door to heaven, standing outside and peering in, you would see nothing. It would appear empty, dark, unattractive - because through that door there is nothing for the mind to know, nothing for the body to experience, no concepts or beliefs to grasp and certainly nothing that would "attract" our mind, unless annihilation was attractive. For to enter into the absolute is to be totally beyond the mind and ego.

But the good news is that there is nowhere to go, no doorway to step through, in fact, no pathway to follow. You, who you really are, are already That. You are pure awareness, beingness. You are what precede mind, beliefs, concepts, ideas, hopes, struggles, body and ego. You do not need to find heaven. You are heaven.

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