Tuesday, December 21, 2010

From Beta to Delta

For too long we have thrashed things unfamiliar, beyond the boundaries laid down by establishment scholarship, that emerges from the use of a limited brain capacity.
But this is the 21st century, folks. We need to kickstart our enormous potentials, lying untapped.The accompanying piece shows the way.

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Dear Soon-to-be SMARTER Reader,

Remember those famous quiz shows like "Concentration" and "Tic Tac Dough"? I thought I was pretty smart producing those hits in my Hollywood days. Those shows became classics. My colleagues called me a genius...

But then the day came when I "LOST IT"...

Just like so many of us, I felt my mental and creative powers start to fail me. I felt burnt out, stressed out, frightened and unable to focus on the things I once found easy.

I tried everything -- doctors, diets, supplements, exercise. Nothing worked and my career went into a tailspin.

Until I found the one true breakthrough
that can make any average person

It didn't just restore my memory and focus -- it saved my finances, my family life and made my career more fantastically successful than ever before. It's so amazingly effective, that I've dedicated my life to bringing its priceless benefits to you and your loved ones.

In a moment, I'm going to tell you how you can try this "superbrain" discovery in your own home, totally RISK-FREE. And feel the difference it makes in your brain -- and your life -- without sacrificing a penny. But first let me explain how this revolutionary technology really can...

"Synch" your brain waves into the very
same patterns as geniuses like
Einstein, Mozart and Edison!

It's called Mind Aerobics -- but put any thoughts of hard exercise out of your mind. Because all this breakthrough requires you to do is sit back, relax and listen to a tape or CD...

For as little as 20 minutes a day!

You won't have to learn or memorize anything. This is nothing like "sleep learning." And you won't hear subliminal messages. All you'll hear are beautiful, relaxing sounds that subtly create different brain wave patterns for optimum performance.

I know you're probably thinking "Yeah, right. How can simply listening to a CD do what the most expensive supplements and prescription drugs could never do?" But this is all based on solid research and science.

A Nobel Prize Winner's

World-renowned psychologists have been carefully measuring brain waves for decades. Researchers at the world-famous Menninger Clinic proved that different types of brain waves corresponded to different types of thinking...

At roughly the same time, Dr. Gerald Oster at Mt. Sinai Medical Center made the exciting discovery that you can change your brain waves using nothing more than sound.

And Nobel Prize winning scientist Ilya Prigogine's "chaos" theory took the brain to a whole new level of thinking...

His theory explained how the same audio stimulation that alters brain wave patterns could also cause the brain to reorganize at a higher level making it capable of things it could never hope to accomplish before. It strengthens the connection between the left and right brain -- so they literally are "in sync". Which provides the power for "whole brain functioning" and the super performance you can achieve in this state!

Listening to the right sounds can literally
kick your brain into "the zone" ...

And this is exactly what the Mind Aerobics CDs were engineered to do. They use the very same "holosync" sound technology developed by the world-famous scientists mentioned above.

Now let me explain how to transport your brain to heights you never thought you could attain. You see...

"I have more energy and I am more focused." "Since using your tapes, I've noticed changes in myself, particularly in calmness and a lessening in old behavior patterns such as frustration and anger at life's ups and downs. I am more effective, and determined in my life work. Thanks so much!"

-- Christine Graf,
New York, New York

Most of us spend our days
trapped in the beta state...

This is the "everyday" state that you're probably in right now. You're wide awake, alert, listening, processing information and making decisions.

However, if you stay in the beta state too long (as most of us do), your brain starts to feel "frayed" at the edges. That's because beta waves are also associated with anxiety, disharmony and unease. Which is probably how you feel at the end of the day. (Am I right?)

The solution: Just listen to Mind Aerobics for a mere 20 minutes. This will "nudge" your brain into the alpha state, where you'll feel your focus and creativity surge!

The ultimate cure for
"brain fog"...

You know how time seems to stand still when you're totally fascinated by a great book, movie or project? You don't have to work at remembering things. You're just "sucked in".

That's how your brain feels when it's making alpha waves. They help you learn anything more quickly. Yet ironically, they also make you feel less anxious. Because you're not thinking about it...you're just doing it!

Alpha waves seem to work by connecting your conscious brain to your unconscious mind. They take all the "work" out of storing memories deep in your brain. And studies show that Mind Aerobics technology can dramatically improve your memory...

In one study, people scored much higher on memory tests, while studying half as long. In other research, recall improved by a staggering 26%!

With age, we start losing our ability to enter this high-performance alpha state. But Mind Aerobics gets you back there—at any age—with the simple push of a button!

The secret of creative geniuses like
Einstein and Mozart...

You know that "Aha!" feeling you get when you make a creative breakthrough? That's your theta waves at work.

Geniuses like Einstein and Mozart had a natural gift for making theta waves -- and now you can too, just by listening to a Mind Aerobics CD or tape for 20 minutes!

What a difference it makes!

Researcher Dr. Thomas Budzynski explains that theta waves help you totally bypass the overly critical parts of your left brain. Leaving you free to create, to dream, to unleash the genius hiding inside of you. You see everything in a newly positive light.

Suddenly the impossible is possible!

How to make the worst stresses melt away...

"I really didn't believe it would work, but it sure does!" "Your [Basic] Workout is amazing. I listen to it when I get off of work at the end of the day and twenty minutes later, I feel totally renewed."

-- Blake Finlay,
St. Louis, Missouri

Perhaps you've heard how Buddhist monks and other mystics can "tune out" the stresses of life and "recharge" their mental batteries, almost at will. Researchers have measured their brain waves and these relaxed people are making delta waves.

Delta brain waves produce a state of deep rest, giving your conscious and subconscious mind a relaxing break. You feel happy, free, yet marvelously "connected" with your loved ones.

You know those times when you can tell what your spouse or partner is thinking, without anyone saying a word? That's your delta waves at work.

Now imagine how quickly this technology can solve your worst worries about...

Your memory. If you ever worried like I did that you're "losing it," Mind Aerobics is for you. Just 20 minutes a day in the alpha state can sharpen your recall back to
what it was in your college days!

Your career. If you've been feeling "stuck in a rut," Mind Aerobics is for you. Spend 30 minutes a day making theta waves and you'll feel new insights spring from your brain. Colleagues will suddenly start asking: "Now why didn't I think of that!"

Your relationships. No one likes being around someone who's constantly stressed-out and blue. But kick your mind into the delta state for just a short period every
day and suddenly you're cool, calm, collected, unflappable and FUN!
And that's just the beginning. New research reveals this revolutionary audio technology may even help you...


Just recently, Dr. Vincent Giampapa, MD, head of the Longevity Institute International and former President of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, tested Mind Aerobics users to measure physical changes in their bodies. His findings were nothing short of amazing...

Their DHEA levels rocketed. 68% of users had major increases in their levels of this beneficial "master" hormone, with an average increase of more than 43%. Some people had increases of 50, 60 even 90%!

Their cortisol levels plummeted. Levels of this harmful stress hormone were down an average of 46% -- and for several people, it dropped 70 or 80%!

This is incredibly important for your physical well-being. Because high levels of the hormone DHEA are linked to more energy, greater immune response and healthy sexuality. And low levels of cortisol are strongly linked to the very same qualities.

These positive changes seen by Mind Aerobics users were practically off the charts. They'd be amazing even if these people had been heavily using hormone supplements. But of course, they weren't. All they did was listen to Mind Aerobics for as little as 3 days. It can happen for you too...

Now you too can grow a SUPERBRAIN...

What makes me so sure? Nearly 300,000 people in 173 countries have already used the "holosync" audio technology that is the foundation of Mind Aerobics. And here are just some of the long-term benefits they've documented...

Greatly improved mental abilities...
Dramatic reduction in stress and anxiety...
Improved health and emotional well-being...
Heightened creativity and learning ability...
Enhanced memory...
More happiness and "flow" in daily life...
Better, more restful sleep...
So if you find yourself tossing and turning at night, anxious about your future...if you need a good dose of self-confidence to help boost your career...if you worry about "senior moments" and losing your mental edge...if you want to feel more attractive to the opposite sex...if you yearn for more creativity to realize your dreams...the place to begin is HERE!

The Mind Aerobics Package consists of 3 powerful soundtracks

"Yay, Mind Aerobics!" "The past couple of months have been very demanding of my time and energy -- psychologically and physically. Yet I have been totally amazed at the complete absence of physical stress detectable anywhere in my body and an almost totally quiet and clear mind!"

-- Margaret Anderson, Houston, Texas

#1. SUPER FOCUS AND CONCENTRATION places you in an alpha brain wave pattern. This is the relaxed, alert attention often associated by scientists with "superlearning". Reading or any kind of focus work becomes almost effortless when listening to this astounding soundtrack.

#2. SUPER STRESS RELEASE is a beautiful soundtrack that places you in the theta brain wave pattern of deep relaxation and it's super for stress release. Your brain is bathed in soothing endorphins and other pleasurable neurochemicals which, I can tell you from personal experience, feel very good!

#3. MIND AEROBICS BASIC WORKOUT is the core of the program. It gradually takes you through the alpha, theta and finally into the delta brain wave state...transporting you to a deep level of meditation usually only experienced by those who have meditated for decades. This is the soundtrack that most powerfully creates the changes in longevity bio-markers that I mentioned earlier.

You have the power to shape your future...

Forget about the roadblocks of your past. The unresolved emotional problems. And prepare to let go of your anger and anxiety as you continue to use the Mind Aerobics technology. I guarantee this astonishing audio therapy for your brain will make you feel stronger, smarter, healthier, happier, starting in as little as 3 days -- and if you reply within the next 3 days, I'll also give you a whopping discount!


That's right. Customers who call within the next 3 days will receive this exclusive Mind Aerobics program at $79.95 for all 3 CDs or $69.95 for all 3 tapes. (Plus $7 for shipping and handling.) That's a savings of $20.00 off the regular price!

"Your [soundtracks] are the best thing I've ever purchased in my life." "They have raised my energy to a new level, mentally, emotionally and physically. Mentally, I have more focus and clarity of thought and I am able to persist with one line of thought, until the solution becomes clear to me. Emotionally, I have dispelled the negative thoughts that clouded my judgment, become poised and more confident and persistent. Physically, I have much more energy to do things. I cannot thank you enough for this technology."

-- Saleem Rana, Altamonte Springs, Florida

And your program includes complete instructions on how to get the most out of this remarkable audio technology -- how to use it to grow your own "superbrain" while shrugging off everyday stress and anxieties.

I'm not just confident that you'll find yourself amazed with the results. So many thousands of users have already been wowed, that I'll happily guarantee you'll be equally thrilled...

Just try Mind Aerobics for a few weeks -- that's all I ask. And if you're not blown away by how much more energized, effective, relaxed and renewed you feel, simply return your CDs or tapes to me at The New You Enterprises and I'll cheerfully refund all your money, less shipping and handling.

Not only that -- I'll extend that same 100% satisfaction guarantee to you for one full year. Listen to Mind Aerobics, reap its many life-enhancing benefits and I'm sure you'll find yourself in a far better place one year from now. If you're not even more impressed a year later, same deal. I'll refund your purchase price.

So what's holding you back? Click on the “Order Now” button below and begin the first step on the pleasurable and fulfilling road to your own success, RISK-FREE. I look forward to hearing from you and finding out how Mind Aerobics has changed your life.

Best wishes for your future,

Allen Koss
The New You Enterprises


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