Monday, November 23, 2009

Better Leaders?Yes,still better Citizens

You will kindly recall my recent exhortation to you, "Arise, Awake, Intervene."I'm now joined in this by Thomas L Friedman in an article in the NYT.
                        I'm hopeful that we'll all rise to the occasion and synergize our talents for the common good.The period of the lone wolf is over. In the Wellness of all, rather than superprofits  for a few, lies the survival of our planet.Decency, democracy, indeed, capitalism, is in danger of being gobbled up by people with a very narrow tunnel vision.
                                   Ofcourse, we can.

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Brilliant article.Democracy is in peril, not only in theUS, but the world over. Unless we citizens wake up and take an active role in governance, the militarists, and the many lobbies whose only agenda is "profit" for a few, rather than Wellness for all,are already hijacking capitalism, democracy and our way of life which allows such a fantastic flowering of the human spirit.

President Barack Obama's visit to China this week inevitably invites comparisons between the world's two leading powers. You know what they say: Britain owned the 19th century, America owned the 20th century, and, it's all but certain that China will own the 21st century. Maybe, but I'm not ready to cede the 21st century to China just yet.

Why not? It has to do with the fact that we are

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