Monday, November 16, 2009

The Militarists will stop at nothing

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              I want to draw your attention to a very fine article by
Francois Gautier, editor of La Revue de L'Inde, in the Indian Express
of 1st July. He is commenting on the controversy in Kashmir on
transfer of land to SASB by the Kashmir govt.
              He has also written about the role of agencies such as
the BBC and the Amnesty International. We all know that these bodies
are vital adjuncts of Western, or more precisely Anglo-Saxon
propoganda ,whose policy is to whittle down any power which comes
anywhere close to theirs.
            The good news is that this racism is confined to a very
narrow spectrum of the ruling elites in the West and not of the
populace at large.I would even say that the most liberal and educated
classes in the West have been at the forefront in sensitizing the
American and the British people, and ofcourse us, of the dangers of
the imperialistic designs of these lunatics, right from the days of
Vietnam wars to the Iraq war of today.There's a recent book by Martin
Weiner named 'The Legacy of Ashes' on the history of the CIA from 1944
to 2008. In it the author details the deliberate propoganda and
destabilisations against peoples and govts considered hostile to
American interests. Infact, like the BBC, the CIA is also a state
within a state whose actions often  run counter to the wishes of the
American people themselves.
                 The point is that we should remain alert to the
forces of divisiveness and dismemberment of India which was the hidden
agenda of the imperialists,before their new found enemies in the
jihadists. Flush with oil money, we will continue to feel the heat in
Kahmir of the ISI and their patrons.The point of this note is to take
whatever we read with a great pinch of salt, and not be misled by
propogandists and pamphleteers.
                        Avinash Sahay

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