Monday, November 16, 2009

Militarism Destroys Everyone, includind the Perpetrators

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In my view this is a very important article exposing the underbelly of the so called "war on terror."It costs $1 million to put one American soldier in Afghanistan.The U.S. seems to have learnt nothing from Vietnam. All imperial powers, right from Rome,Great Britain, down to the erstwhile Soviet Union have crumbled because of this "imperial overreach."The US needs resources to put it's own decrepit house in order. But those who espouse an all out war on terror are the very lobbyists for the military industrial complex.This guys know nothing more than their super profits, their villas and yachts, their champagne and caviar. It's important for all of us, those that want to see peace in the world so that all can live with dignity and freedom, to bolster all resources at our command to defeat the designs of the militarists.

The dead at Fort Hood had not even been laid to rest when their massacre became yet another political battle cry for the self-proclaimed patriots of the American right.
Their verdict was unambiguous: Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, an American-born psychiatrist of Palestinian parentage who sent email to a radical imam, was a terrorist. And he did not act alone. His co-conspirators included our military b

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