Saturday, November 7, 2009

one helluva life

In the hands of a skilled storyteller, this monumental work will, indeed, open the gates of Fort Knox.The authors are right that no amount of rules can account for a "good life".
However I'm glad that they have given most importance to the power of relationships, especially good sibling relationships.Good friends and siblings last almost all our lives and are, certainly, a godsend to our sanities. God bless them all.
I should also think that having an agenda in life and detached,but determined, commitment to that agenda is a sine qua non to a great living.I have especially noticed people committed to a better community retain a glitter in their eyes much longer than those who obsess about a "good life."
The authors,also, seem to have ignored the devastation caused to people's lives by the combination of big govts and corporations,organized religion and the media and entertainment industry.I would rather salute the human genius that manages to stay afloat despite their depredations.
I would also salute those heroes-a Obama here, a Mohd Yunus there,a Al Gore and a Michael Moore there- who are striving to make a better earth for all of us. Let us follow their paths.In my view that would be one helluva life.

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