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Re: Fw: Arise, Awake, Intervene

Thanks, Bhaiya. We have to prepare ourselves for the new millenia, so to speak, by being a splendid warrior in our body, mind and spirit.
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Good and accurate .
Ranjan bhaiya

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This fine article gives us a sense of what we have in store here in India.
              Rajiv Gandhi,our ex PM, had famously bemoaned the fact that only 15% of govt spending goes to the real beneficiaries.The problems India faces is too immense for the bureaucracy. Therefore it has to be supplemented by efforts from the social sector and massive intervention by the community at large.The seeming problems are, truly, immense opportunities for each and every one of us.
             Unless we intervene there is a very real danger that India will go either the American or the Chinese path.Both the paths are dangerous for humanity in the 21st century. One because of its ruthless suppression of dissent, the other because  democracy has been hijacked by the military industrial complex.
              Therefore one has to be very alert.If India falls into the trap of a civil war, as Operation Green Hunt  threatens to be, we as a country are collectively ruined.That is the curse of war, right from the Mahabharata war. Therefore peace and dialogue and wider participation is the only solution at hand.
                  The situation is grim, but filled  also with hope and immense opportunities. Don't let anybody tell you that you don't  matter.Be the change you want to see.

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