Tuesday, November 3, 2009

rome burned while Nero fiddled

Thanks, Jayant. We are all miracles of creation, but the problem is we are sleeping.And while we sleep, the world burns.
In this ocean of consciousness that we all share, the collection of our individual consciousness forms the collective consciousness.At this point, this collective consciousness is riven by fears,insecurities, fierce competition, jealousies and, indeed, violence.About 20% of the world's GDP goes into weapons of mass destruction. The world is, indeed, MAD and they call it "realpolitik".But we must understand that this violence starts with each and every one of us, and is rooted in the delusion of "us" versus "them".And also in the utter delusion that one can progress while the other half burns.
It just takes a moment to achieve peace and thereby prosperity for all.Once we realize all of us are deeply interconnected, infact our bodies are the direct product of the common air that we breathe.This delusion can only break when we take this inner journey, as explained in this fantastic interview.Our slumber is clearly disastrous for the future of the human race on this planet.And I'm glad we are all awakening, for without it there is no survival.

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